Crime is really spiking in SA - Please repost all crimes here on TIA no matter how minor!!
Motor vehicle theft Motor vehicle theft - Buckingham Road, Johannesburg, South Africa - 2018-01-21 at 18:30
Street robbery (mugging) Street robbery (mugging) - Oriel Park, Kloof Road, Johannesburg, South Africa - 2017-12-28 at 14:30
Theft (outside of other classifications) Theft (outside of other classifications) - Johannesburg, South Africa - 2017-11-30 at Unknown Time
Reckless or negligent driving Reckless or negligent driving - Randburg, South Africa - 2017-12-07 at Unknown Time
Police action or arrest Police action or arrest - Northlands Business Park, 29 New Market Road, (Stand 179 Horsechestnut Avenue, North Riding, Johannesburg, 2162, South Africa - 2017-11-30 at Unknown Time
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