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26 March 2014 at 21:40 - by Anonymous

Mini Taxis

Our office is on Kingfisher Avenue in Fourways, a normal suburban road. It's a 40km/h zone with a few speed bumps on and also a solid white line most of the way. It's a busy road as it's a thoroughfare from Witkoppen Road to William Nicol and also Fourways High is just up the road. As a result there are loads of kids that walk up the road, as well as a whole bunch of them on scooters. The traffic backs up but flows slowly, and most people just sit and do what they must, except the taxis. So this morning I spent half an hour on the pavement taking videos of the way they break the law. They drive in the oncoming lane, at speed. It's only a matter of time before there's a head on collision or a kid crossing the road is killed, or one knocked off a scooter. I've witnessed and also been in a few heated confrontations with taxi drivers here because I refuse to yield to them. Again, it's not going to be long before there's a proper incident of road rage that will end in a shooting or stabbing. While I was on the side of the road, so many drivers sitting in traffic asked if I was trying to nail the taxis and I was thanked for my efforts. One guy offered to bring me more videos from his dash cam to use to give to the authorities. Some drivers gave the thumbs up, others clapped. Well, except the taxi drivers. The one in the yellow taxi, in Vid 4, actually stopped in the traffic, opened his door and shouted back at me: "I'll get you!" Such a pity I stopped filming him before that happened. I did shout back that he's welcome to turn around, but alas... One thing I did notice is that many of the taxis just drove past in the proper lane, which they don't normally do, so that means even just having me sitting there with a cell phone camera in hand was enough to make them behave. Surely a Metro cop car parked there every morning will be more effective? I've also seen many cops in the traffic, and they do absolutely nothing to these taxis. Some cops sit at the garage up the road and have coffee while ignoring the danger the taxis create. Mr Minnaar, you need to sort something out, you'll soon have blood on your hands. Please share this post and get awareness on this problem that happens all over SA. Oh, and apologies for the trooper-like swearing, I am from Kempton Park after all.

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