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# Bad Driving



02 September 2014 at 13:31 - by Anonymous

LFJ700GP Green BMW box shape

This driver is very very reckless and he will kill somebody if he is not stopped. He is an African male. I have seen him on a number of occasions driving very recklessly. He turns right from Andries Street in Brackendowns onto Kliprivier drive towards the Glenvista area. I normally see him around 7.30 in the mornings. Everytime I see him he will overtake a couple of cars at once in the emergency lane at very fast speeds. He will swing from left to right and right to left overtaking cars, cutting in in-front of other vehicles and not keeping a safe following distance and forcing people out of lanes. I have seen a couple of times that when all other cars are stopping at the red robot he will drive in the emergency lane at high speeds and skip the red robot. One morning on my way to work I stopped at the red robot at the Swartkoppies intersection. The light changed over to green for us and the vehicles in front started to pull away. The driver of this BMW decided to again overtake all the other vehicles in the emergency lane and at high speeds. There was pedestrians walking in the emergency lane and this driver hooted for them and they had to jump out of the way for him. He made a small attempt to swing out for the pedestrians but there was a vehicle next to him in the actual lane you have to drive in! This driver is not considered to any other persons be it other vehicles and or pedestrians and according to me he thinks he is above the law as he thinks he can do what he pleases and the law of the road does not apply to him. I state again, that according to me, he WILL kill someone one day and I will then do everything from my side to testify against this reckless driver. I will try my best to try and capture him on video. I kindly ask that anybody in the Metro or Police department issue a warning to this reckless driver in the hope of saving a life of another person that he may take one day due to his bad driving.

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