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10 July 2013 at 08:33 - by Anonymous

NU106398 Maroon Peugeot 108

Driving on the M13 Durban bound at 7:30am this morning, at the M13 and N3 split, I was in the left-hand lane (middle lane) and I know everyone comes down the M13 and pushes in and cuts people off to get into the N3 fast lane, because heaven forbid the get in line and wait like everyone else trying to get on the N3, but this is ridiculous. This Peugeot basically forced me into the other lane. He didn’t even see that I was next to him, thank goodness there wasn’t another car. The worst part is when I hooted at him he didn’t even notice. Its people like that who cause accidents. The worst part is that he is an elderly man, so he should know better. If you cant see the car next to you, its time to hang up your keys OLD MAN!

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