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28 November 2012 at 11:02 - by Naseema

SZP158GP Silver Toyota Tazz

At approximately 08h25 this morning, I was travelling on the Grayston offramp of the M1 North, en route to work. A gentleman in a silver Toyota Tazz (registration number: SZP158GP) did not wish to wait in the long queue to get off the highway like everybody else had to, so he travelled in the right turning lane, even though he wished to turn left. He then attempted to cut me off, but when I wouldn’t allow him, he moved into my lane anyway, thus pushing me into the lane next to me. I hooted at him, to draw attention to his negligence, but he continued moving, almost hitting me and ‘squeezing’ me out of my lane, so that he could get in. It concerns me that this happens too often on this stretch of road and too many drivers think they can bully their way around.

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