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# Bad Driving



09 February 2013 at 14:57 - by Rachelle


Latst night, 08.02.13, driving back from Table View this vehicle was infront of us swaying all over the road. We followed it and phoned Milnerton Sector 1 van but they were busy, so phoned the Milnerton Police Station who advisd us to phone Maitland as this woman was driving at such speed that we were now on our way to Town. In Town she drove round and round the fountan up and down the roads whilst we were still tailing her. We drove past Metro police whom we tried to attract but they were busy sitting outisde the night clubs jiving to the music. All this time we were on the phone with 107. We eventually managed to flag down a Cape Town Visible Police Van SC26 who followed us and when this lady tried to cut down a side street she was cut off by a taxi. The police got out of their vehicle spoke to the occupants and told them that as they witnessed nothing they are free to go. Here's hoping that they did not have an accident, killed anyone or themselves.

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