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29 October 2010 at 22:37 - Posted by RichardWilkinson

100th Member joins Turnitaround!


Hi everyone -

So we've been up and running for about 7 hours now and are about to reach 100 members. Gerald and I would really like to thank everyone for responding - especially those who have got on and made one of the 36 networks that are popping up all over the country. Block by block, town by town, we will buid a safer, greener, more efficient future for all South Africans.

This site is yours - and will be what you make of it.

The following hints may be of use:

1) Click on the Activity Centre on the left hand side!

This is where you can report crimes, create networks and post news.

2) Post some news

No one has posted any news yet - at least not on the national news wall. This is really quick and easy.

It is especially worthwhile to do this if you have created your own network. Explain to new users how you intend it to work and how they can get involved.

The news you post to your local network will only be visible to members of your network.

3) Click on Manage this Network

This takes you to all the cool features we have installed for managers. Alerts, SMS's, Twitter, Invite your friends - it's all here!

4) Please link pages to your Facebook wall

5) Please report any bugs you come across

Please see the little red icon on the left of the screen.

And finally - please send us your feedback or comment on the news articles already up.

Thanks -


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