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23 November 2012 at 12:01 - Posted by Morgenster Heights Neighbourhood Watch

107 Emergency


What is 107? 

107 is a single emergency telephone number for use by all people living in and visiting Cape Town. By using this number you can ask for help when life or property is endangered and you will be efficiently transferred to the nearest relevant emergency service provider, such as the ambulance, fire, police or traffic service. 

How does it work?

You can pick up any Telkom phone, including payphones, and make a toll-free call to 107. The call will be answered by our emergency communication centre. The operator will immediately be able to see where the call is coming from, what the telephone number is, and in the case of private phones, who the subscriber is. 

By asking a few pertinent pre-determined questions, the operator will be able to determine what emergency service provider is required, and will transfer the call, including all the information he/she has just collected, to the relevant police, fire or ambulance service provider's telephone and computer terminals. The service provider will then determine what type of response is needed, and dispatch the relevant resources such as personnel, vehicles and equipment to where they're needed. 

Why should you use 107? 

While previously members of the public might have searched through lists of emergency numbers in the telephone directory and wasted precious time phoning around searching for the correct emergency service, you now have one number that will connect you to the right service within seconds!

Can I call 107 from my cell phone? 

Calls from a cellular (wireless/mobile) phone can be made directly to the 107 centre on 021 480 7700 at national rates. Dialing the number 107 from a cell phone will not work. Enter 021 480 7700 under All Emergencies in your cell phone straight away, so that it will always be on hand. 

How do you use 107? 

·          Make sure you have information and details regarding the emergency ready, such as the

           nature of the emergency, whether anyone is injured, the exact location (including nearby  

          landmarks), any potential hazards, etc.

·         Dial 107 from any Telkom phone, or 021 480 7700 on your cell phone.

·         The operator will establish your details, such as your address and phone number.

·         Relay your information - and try to stay calm.

·         Do not hang up until you are told to do so, even if you dialed 107 by mistake.


Will 107 replace other emergency numbers? 

All other emergency numbers are still applicable, however, 107 is a single number that will connect you to all emergency services.

What happens to hoax callers?

A hoax or prank call to 107 is a very serious crime and members of the public could get a fine or jail sentence up to three years. The 107 system utilizes the latest technology and can automatically determine where the telephone call is coming from. ??

                                  For more information, contact John Ellis on 021 487 2045.

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Updated 11 June 2014
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