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05 May 2011 at 17:05 - Posted by Anonymous

ANC ‘an insult to Mandela’


DA Leader Helen Zille addresses residents of Siyahlala in Atteridgeville. Picture: Phill Magakoe

DA leader Helen Zille has urged residents of Siyahlala informal settlement west of Atteridgeville to honour the legacy of Nelson Mandela by for voting for the DA.

According to Zille, the ANC was an insult to the former statesman as its government was littered with corruption, contrary to Mandela’s stand against graft.

Zille invoked the names of Mandela and Walter Sisulu to say that the DA was the only party waging a fight against corruption.

She addressed residents in the informal settlement after doing a walkabout in the morning, interacting with locals and DA volunteers.

She described the conditions there as appalling, saying it was tragic that residents in Siyahlala and other areas where still lacking basic services like proper sanitation.

Zille said her party had a great track record of service delivery and that was what it would bring to Siyahlala if it won the elections.

“I have heard people say ‘Helen, we know the DA is great on service delivery, but we cannot forget the heroes who fought for our liberation’. I always tell them that of course we cannot forget our heroes, but we will be betraying them if we continue to vote for people who steal our money to enrich themselves,” she said.

Zille noted that Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister Sicelo Shiceka had confirmed that the Western Cape was the best-run municipality in the country.

“The national government has taken back money from ANC-run provinces because they have failed to spend it on things they were supposed to. We use all the money to provide services to out people, and that will not change. That is how we will ensure that people do not need holes in the ground to use as toilets.

“If you want to turn things around you have to vote for the DA. We can only turn things around if we win, otherwise we cannot change your living conditions,” she said.

Zille was joined by DA Tshwane mayoral candidate Brandon Topham, who said it was disappointing that places like Saulsville were still underdeveloped.

DA MP Sej Motau attended the meeting and introduced Zille, calling her a strong female leader. - Pretoria News

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