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05 August 2011 at 22:21 - Posted by RageAgainstANC

Are you ready to fight for South Africa?


This used to feel like the greatest country on earth. We walked out of Apartheid into a new era led by Nelson Mandela. Years past and although we had some unresolved issues the underlying theme was one of co-operation and progress.

Then things changed The ANC turned from revolutionaries to greatest leeches on the hide of South Africa.

I used to really believe this country was the rainbow nation. I sort of believed it during the 1995 Rugby World Cup, but I really believed it during the 2010 World Cup.

What that World Cup showed me is that most people in SA want things to really work. We want the best for the country. It was a period of pure sunshine on the shoulders of every South African.

The dark clouds blew in. The likes of Malema came along and in his path to political enrichment, brought along the guise of being a conduit to prosperity.  Anyone who is educated enough knows that all this man wants is personal enrichment.

I dream too frequently of a leader who would stand up and say things like…

"Don't have hundreds of children - as it's NOT a revolutionary thing. Have as many children as you can afford to educate, as education is the key to their freedom. Financial and more. The more you can think for yourself, the more you can make a future for yourself.

BEE is a failure. It is as flawed as Apartheid was. BEE has cost every person in this country. We now pay more for electricity, more taxes and more toll fees simply due to mismanagement. and lack of experience.

We need as many people possible who can lead, who can manage and who can create jobs - and if it means that the majority of these people are white South Africans, they are still South Africans. If you were born here and grew up here you have earned the right to be called a South African. We are all equal and should all be give the same opportunity.

We need country that is educated and skilled - so instead of punishing companies and forcing them to employ people of colour, we should rather reward them on skill transfer as they empower others to sustain themselves.

If we do not look after people who bring opportunity - they will leave us. When they leave they take their skills along with them. When they are all gone it will be too late.

Let's stop asking for help and start helping ourselves. The world is tired of helping Africa and are we not tired of being helped? We should achieve based on merit and not on pity. It's impossible to be proud of your achievements if they have been handed to you because you see your skin colour as a handicap.

Value your education as it is the most important thing you could ever own. Stay in school. Learn. Be hungry for knowledge. Your stomach will never be full as there is so much to learn.

Have one partner and look after them. Show your children the value of family and how important morals and values are. The lack of this leads to bad judgement and will tempt them into crime."

Make your children understand the importance of responsibility. When they take on a task tell them to do it with pride. Do it well and do it to the best of their ability.

Teach them that their actions impact others. Positive or negative."

Imagine a youth leader said something like this. Imagine a young Mandela.

The current ANCYL leader would never say anything positive. he would never say anything that would bring South Africans together. He would not dare as his agenda is one of self enrichment. Divide the people and use the uneducated by selling them false promises. Much like his role models.

We are being screwed over by people elected to lead us. People who are meant to be public servants. They only serve themselves.

Each day more revelations are made in the press about funds that did not achieve their intended purpose. How tax money disappears , unaccounted for. Money that should be benefitting every South African. How many billions must be lost before we act?

Where is our security, where is our education, our healthcare, housing or public transport. Nowhere it should be.

So what do we do?

We revolt. We need to.

The time has come to say that enough is enough. We need to fight for the South Africa that we want. The time has come to find allies in thought and action and build this country.

Hopefully this is a meek revolution done through passive protest and financial throttling - but if that is not enough then we need to fight violently.
Maybe it needs protests. Maybe it needs bombs. Would not be the first time in our history that we needed bombs to fight for a good cause.

If you think it has not come to this then you are too complacent. You can continue paying all your tax money and get nothing in return. Continue complaining around your braai or to your spouse or colleagues. Continue moaning and hating to hear yourself moan while you let the ANC ruin this land. Continue being a soft target and lie back as you get kicked into submission.

Or fight back. Fight hard. REALLY FIGHT. Stop talking about it. Do something about it.

Speak to others - tell them how you have had enough, tell others that we need to do something now. Lead.

Bring people together - have a plan. Stop paying taxes. Stop paying VAT. Stop giving in.

Start somewhere but start now.

Each day around 50 people are murdered in this country. There is a war on and in war time we need to band together and fight.

There are 49 million people in this country. Around half a million support the corrupt ANC. The clueless ZUMA and the acidic Malema.

I am sure there are better leaders who are ready to take South Africa forward. They need to show themselves now.

Are you ready to fight?  Then fight with me,
Start right now. There is no time to lose.

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