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04 April 2012 at 15:33 - Posted by Anonymous

Automated gates soft target for burglars


Douglasdale police and CPF are receiving regular reports of homes and businesses being accessed through automated gates with the intention to burgle.

These gates are considered a substantial security improvement compared with having to get out of a vehicle and open gates on entry and exit.


That said, when these gates are left unattended, over time criminal elements devise ways to access premises the first being by stealing the gate motors.


Last year the Douglasdale CPF participated in a widely publicised campaign to encourage our residents to padlock or secure gate motors to prevent such thefts.


The gate motors proved popular resale items in grey markets and among criminal elements.


The latest trend is to lift unsecured automated gates off their rails, and access business and residential properties accordingly.


However, as with common sense precautions that prevent most crimes of opportunity, by taking the simple inexpensive step of installing anti-lift brackets onto automated gates, criminal elements will not be able to derail and lift automated gates any longer.


This is best explained by way of illustration.


To complete the process, you the community member need to take proactive steps to address the identified issues in these articles. The choice is yours.

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