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12 July 2011 at 20:11 - Posted by Anonymous

Barefoot woman chases after robber


Durban - A jewellery thief met his match when his 68-year-old victim chased after him in the Port Shepstone CBD last week.

Johanni Hannetjie Bunyan of Umtentweni kicked off her shoes to run after the man who had ripped a gold necklace off her neck, and had the satisfaction of seeing him caught moments later.

Bunyan said she was shopping in Aiken Street when three men approached her. One of them pushed her into a corner and grabbed the necklace off her neck.

She said: “I removed my shoes and ran after him, determined to get back my piece of jewellery. I saw him head towards the taxi rank and yelled ‘Help, help! That man robbed me!’”.


As she neared the minibus taxi rank, a policewoman in a car with her husband stopped and asked what had happened and Beunyan explained.

“The officer advised me to remain in the car while they chased after the man, but I still followed them and was so happy when I saw the man getting caught,” she said.

Port Shepstone police spokesperson Captain Vincent Pandarum said the suspect was arrested and appeared in court on Monday.

He said that although Bunyan had been brave in chasing after the robber, it is not the best way to handle such a situation.

“If anyone is in a situation such as the victim’s, it is advisable to not offer any resistance. The best thing to do for her was to let the perpetrator take whatever he wanted,” Pandarum said.

Pandarum advised victims to get a good look at the suspect and note the direction he or she flees in.

This, he said, will help the police greatly in their investigation.

- The Witness

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