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13 November 2012 at 14:07 - Posted by MJ007

Be on the lookout for Black Landrover


Pulling into driveway
Kneeling at pedestrian gate trying to gain access.  Not perturbed by the barking dogs.
Leaving driveway due to being spotted by security guard on his bicycle.

Beware of three african men in a Black Landrover (possibly WHL494GP registration).  These men prowl the neighbourhood.  They target homes where the owners are out.  They ring the intercom 5 or 6 times and when noone answers two of the men climb out with white gloves and brimmed hats (to avoid cameras getting clear shots) They try to gain access through pedestrian gates or driveway gates. It appears they are armed. Our attempted house breakin took place at 12:38pm on a Sunday afternoon.  A neighbour down the road had the same thing happen to him just weeks before.

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