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10 August 2011 at 15:04 - Posted by Anonymous

Bleeding student is robbed by "good samaritan" in UK riots


Recovering: Mr Haziq is seen in his hospital bed at Royal London Hospital, where he is awaiting surgery on a broken jaw

The injured student who was set upon by callous looters who had pretended to help him is recovering in hospital and awaiting surgery on a broken jaw.

Malaysian student Mohammed Ashraf Haziq, 20, was robbed in broad daylight during riots in Hackney by a gang who had pretended to help him to his feet.

Instead, the robbers stole a mobile phone and wallet from Mr Haziq's rucksack as he stood heavily bleeding, in a video which symbolised the lawless thuggery of the London riots.

The young student - who had only arrived in the country one month ago - was walking in Hackney to see a friend when he was set upon by thugs who broke his jaw.
Seconds later he was rounded on by a second passing gang who at first helped him to his feet but then brazenly took items from his bag.

Mr Haziq, a first year accountancy student at Kaplan Financial college, is now recovering from the attack in Royal London Hospital and is said to be in 'high spirits' despite having to eat through a drip due to his injuries.

It is thought he will have a metal plate fixed in his jaw after undergoing surgery.

Consular officer Wan Azim also visited Mr Haziq at hospital, said: 'He is doing okay but his jaw is fractured or broken. His face was very swollen. I asked if he had any other injuries, but he said not.
'He can't speak very well and I'm told he will need surgery. He can't eat at the moment so he's being fed through a drip.'

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