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06 June 2011 at 09:47 - Posted by Anonymous

Chad Saaiman shot in hijacking


According to reports, singer and television personality Chad Saaiman is in hospital after being shot in an attempted hijacking on Sunday.

Chad’s record company, Stereotype Records have confirmed to Eyewitness News that the singer has undergone surgery at a Johannesburg hospital. It is understood he was shot in the stomach.

Stereotype Records spokesperson Tony Blonde said Saaiman is on a ventilator.

“A few other organs were damaged. He went into surgery and currently he is not conscious and is not breathing. We are waiting for more feedback,” he said.

According to Twitter, Lee Saaiman, Chad’s brother has also confirmed reports in an exclusive interview on BushRadio.

Lee says Chad, who recently moved to Johannesburg was a victim of a failed hijacking.

“Chad drove away when he was pulled over by hijackers and then they shot at him, he managed to get to a nearby house where he later collapsed” said Lee.

Messages of support have been flooding in on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. - IOL

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