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08 March 2011 at 16:22 - Posted by Anonymous

Commander gets residents fired up


Station Commander for Edenvale Lieutenant Colonel Mmanndo Mailula.

Angered residents of Edenvale say that they are appalled in the manner with which newly appointed Station Commander for Edenvale Police Station, Lieutenant Colonel Mmanndo Mailula, addressed the community at the emergency crime meeting on Thursday night.

Friday morning, following the meeting, the Bedfordview Edenvale NEWS was inundated with letters and telephone calls from residents who questioned the station commander’s abilities to lead the police station.
“As a concerned resident of Edenvale attending the emergency crime meeting last night, at Edenvale High School, I wish to express my shock at the way in which the Edenvale SAPS station commander Col Mailula addressed the meeting when asked to answer certain questions,” Edenvale resident Robyn Burger said.
Another Edenvale resident, Mr Gary Damerell said that although he was pleased with the turn-out at the meeting, “I was however appalled by the lack of enthusiasm and commitment displayed by the recently appointed Edenvale SAPS station commander, Col Mailula.
“For someone with 23 years plus service in the police force to have stood up in front of the community she is paid to serve and mumble answers that had no bearing to the questions posed to her, was not only an embarrassment to her immediate staff who look to her for leadership, but to the SAPS as a whole,” Mr Damerell said.
The Edenglen North Residents’ Association shared the sentiments of Mrs Burger and Mr Damerall saying that their biggest concern of the evening was the body language of the new station commander.
“She looked totally disinterested in suggestions given by the community and as the leader and representative of the Edenvale SAPS in a ‘CEO’ capacity of an organisation with more than 20 years’ experience could not even formally address the community in an appropriate manner,” a statement issued by this residents’ association reads.
Col Mailula was contacted Friday afternoon for comment on residents' concerns about her attitude displayed at the meeting as well as questions raised regarding her leadership. "You can contact me tomorrow for comment," Col Mailula said.

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