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02 November 2011 at 10:09 - Posted by Anonymous

Cops dupe gullible suspects


Two suspected housebreakers were caught after they were duped into the hands of Pretoria police masquerading as their accomplices.

The men were unwillingly forced into custody after police, driving their accomplices’ car, conned them into believing that they were part of their gang.
The comedy of errors began unfolding when a car aroused the suspicions of members of the Wonderboompoort police station who were on patrol in Capital Park on Monday night.
Warrant Officer Jacques Oosthuizen and Constable Abel Mphamo spotted a Toyota Yaris being driven through the suburb in a suspicious manner. It later turned out this was the suspected housebreakers’ getaway car.
The policemen watched the car for a while and pounced when they saw the driver flashing its lights periodically. As two men on foot approached the vehicle, the officers signalled to the driver to stop.
Ignoring the police, the driver sped off, but the policemen gave chase and managed to block the vehicle’s way, forcing the men to stop.
While searching the vehicle, the policemen discovered suspected house- and car-breaking equipment, and they arrested the driver and a passenger.
The policemen, suspecting that the men’s accomplices were lurking in the area, decided to use the men’s vehicle to see if they could lure them out of their hiding spot.
Using the same method as the two men had used to signal their accomplices, the policemen, along with Warrant Officer Alfred Matlou and Constable Patrick Moeketsi, drove slowly, flashing the vehicle’s lights, along the street in which the driver and his passenger had been arrested, police spokeswoman Warrant Officer Wanda Olivier said.
“As the policemen drove, one of the suspects’ alleged accomplices suddenly came out from a garden, walked towards them and knocked on one of the vehicle’s windows,” Olivier said.
“The policemen immediately arrested the surprised man. The suspect’s accomplice, who saw what had happened, tried to flee on foot, but was arrested before he could escape.
“After questioning the men, the officers were led to a house where the suspects had cut open a garden gate and tried to break into a Mazda 323 that was parked in a driveway.”
All four men would appear in court soon, Olivier said.
They faced several charges, among them malicious damage to property and attempted vehicle theft. - Pretoria News
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