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31 May 2011 at 14:29 - Posted by Anonymous

Cops search for abducted motorist


Poilce are searching for the driver of a Kia Sportage who was hijacked and abducted during a robbery in Umhlanga yesterday.

Police were searching on Monday night for a man who was abducted during a robbery outside East Coast Radio house in Umhlanga.

Police Lieutenant-Colonel Vincent Mdunge said a gang of men had held up the manager of the nearby Total garage, and robbed him of thousands of rand.

“The manager was on his way to the bank to deposit the weekend’s takings when he was accosted by six men,” said Mdunge.

“They demanded cash from the man. He handed over the money, which was about R246 000. The gang started firing randomly in the air, and two people were injured in the shooting. The garage manager was not hurt.”

The gang then hijacked a Kia Sportage, abducting the owner in the process:

“Police are still working tirelessly to find the person who was kidnapped,” Mdunge said.

He did not know the identity of the missing man.

According to the East Coast Radio Newswatch blog, people in the vicinity of the building ducked for cover when the shooting started.

The blog reported that bullet holes were found in the revolving door to the building, as well as the boom operator’s booth at the exit from the parking lot.

Police are investigating attempted murder, robbery and hijacking cases. - The Mercury

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