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28 July 2011 at 13:46 - Posted by Anonymous

Couple survive rape, robbery ordeal


A Cape Town businessman has spoken out after he and his wife survived a two-hour ordeal, including her rape, at the hands of armed robbers in their Pinelands home.

A City businessman has spoken out after he and his wife survived a two-hour ordeal, including her rape, at the hands of armed robbers in their Pinelands home.

On Monday morning, the 67-year-old businessman left home before 7am to drop his son at high school. As he does every morning, he idled in front of the electric gate to his property until it had closed, making sure no-one had slipped in. His wife, 57, was home alone.

He got back home at 7.35am, pulled into his driveway and again ensured the gate was closed. The light in his son’s bedroom was on, which he found strange, but he didn’t pay much attention to it.

When he turned to close the front door, he felt a firearm at his temple. Another gunman was standing behind him, also pointing a firearm at him.

Both were dressed in black clothes and their faces were covered by balaclavas. It was not clear how the men gained entry to the property.

The businessman was ordered to the ground and told to keep quiet. His wife then came into the living room and the men grabbed her. The man said a briefcase containing his 9mm pistol had been less then a metre away, but there had been no way he could have reached the firearm.

One of the men knocked him on the head, which sent his spectacles flying. “I thought they had shot me, and when I saw stars, I thought that was the bullet passing through my head,” he said.

When the Cape Argus visited the home yesterday, scuff marks were still visible on the white tiles where the businessman had been made to lie face down, as his assailants had bound his hands and feet. His wife also had been tied up and made to lie adjacent to him.

The man, still visibly shaken while he recounted the events, said the men had demanded money, ransacked the house, and threatened several times to kill them. They told the robbers they did not keep a lot of cash at home. He said one of the robbers even rummaged through his pockets, and found R6 in coins. “He looked at it and put it back.”

The men also searched his briefcase for money, but didn’t seem interested in the laptop.

After nearly two hours, and having found some cash, one of the robbers raped the woman.

“It sounded terrible. And I couldn’t do anything,” said her husband

After the attack, the woman told her husband she had been penetrated with a banana.

After two hours of terror, the robbers took his wife’s car keys and fled in her vehicle.

Still bound with cable ties, the man managed to pull out and topple a kitchen drawer using his mouth and head. This sent knives flying and the couple struggled for the next 20 minutes to cut themselves free.

Once free, they called the police.

“There are no words to describe the trauma. To be flat on your face for two hours, thinking you’re going to die,” the man said yesterday

The couple have received counselling, but the husband said they were still far from “okay”.

Police spokesman Captain Frederick van Wyk confirmed the incident and said police received the call at 9.45am on Monday. He said the wife had been assaulted and both sustained minor injuries.

No arrests have been made, but the stolen car was recovered in Langa yesterday afternoon.

Community Safety MEC Dan Plato yesterday described the attackers as “sick”. He said that the men had the gall to rape the woman in front of her husband was highly disturbing.

Plato is in the process of visiting areas plagued by crime and said Pinelands would be on his list.

Van Wyk said police are investigating a case of house robbery.

Anyone with information can contact the investigating officer, Detective Warrant Officer Hanekom, on 021 506 2118. - Cape Argus

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