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12 January 2011 at 18:22 - Posted by Anonymous

Crime, accidents down in Joburg


Johannesburg has traditionally been hit by robberies and break-ins during December, but thanks to increased policing and vigilance, December was a peaceful month for Johannesburg with relatively few incidents on the road and in homes.

The crime and road accident rate in Johannesburg decreased during the festive season, Metro Police Chief Chris Ngcobo said on Tuesday.

"Johannesburg has enjoyed an exceptionally crime-free and safe festive season thanks to the co-operation of the public and the Johannesburg metro police department (JMPD) officers," he said in a statement.
"We can report a significant reduction in the number of deaths and serious accidents on our roads during the holiday period."
He said the decline was due to co-operation between the public, law enforcement and the media. "Our system of road blocks and high visibility of patrol cars to monitor moving violations paid off, and we want to thank motorists and commuters for their patience and co-operation," Ngcobo said.
A total of 64,255 vehicles were stopped, 168 motorists were arrested for speeding and 108 others were arrested for drunken driving. "The 2010 festive season was one of the safest periods in recent years both on our roads and with regards to general crime in Johannesburg," he said.
He called on commuters not to reduce their vigilance as the holiday period draws to a close. "The coming weekend will still be a busy period on our roads and the JMPD will not relax its law enforcement efforts."
"We have made significant strides to improve the safety environment in Johannesburg and I am very confident that we can build on this experience in the months to come," Ngcobo said
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