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19 March 2012 at 08:02 - Posted by Anonymous

Crime-buster told to f*** off


Primedia Broadcasting CEO Abramjee. Photo: Ziphozonke Lushaba

“F*** off,” then click.

This was the alleged response of a 10111 operator when she answered a call from Primedia Broadcasting CEO Yusuf Abramjee on Sunday.

It came as a shock to the well-known crime-buster, who is also an executive of LeadSA, but now he wants to take the matter further.

The incident happened on Sunday afternoon in Laudium, near Pretoria, when Abramjee spotted what he thought was a crime going down.

“I was driving in Laudium and saw a suspicious car, where it looked like people were selling drugs,” said Abramjee.

He called 10111 and explained the situation to the operator, who then proceeded to thank him for the call and put down the phone.

Abramjee called another two times and the phone was again put down.

On his fourth call, he asked that a vehicle be sent out to check on the situation.

The operator told him to “f*** off” and put down the phone.

This apparently happened at 2.43pm on Sunday.

“I was told that the commander was on lunch when I asked to speak to him,” Abramjee said.

He has since lodged a formal complaint with the SAPS and the Independent Complaints Directorate.

“Last week, Breakfast Express on 94.7 Highveld Stereo took several calls from listeners complaining about the 10111 service. Gauteng police promised to investigate them and also to arrange a visit to the centre in Midrand to see the processes.

“They must go through the recordings and bring the person to account. We can’t sit back and watch this nonsense happen,” Abramjee said in promising to pursue the issue to its conclusion.

After tweeting his ordeal, other people shared their experiences. - The Star

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