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19 September 2011 at 20:17 - Posted by GeraldY

Crime fighting initiative seeks sponsor


Turn It Around seeks a sponsor...

Turn It Around South Africa is seeking sponsorship of their highly successful crime fighting website. Companies looking to solidify their community involvement goals, through support of a unique crime fighting initiative which is based on community policing, are urged to consider this opportunity.

Based on the simple principle that successful crime fighting lies in easy reporting and rapid distribution or information, a powerful information gathering and publishing system was developed. The system is map based to provide relevant crime reports and information to users.

Turn It Around provides powerful tools for individuals or communities to create and manage community policing networks. Community policing forums or networks often work in complete isolation to one another and do not share information easily. This is not the case on Turn It Around as information is centrally pooled and shared.

As an individual user - members can report crime, share news and events publicly with other users. All crimes reported in a specified radius will be e-mailed to the user allowing them to be informed of the crimes around them. Being more aware of crimes in your area allows you to be more vigilant to identify threats and prevent yourself from becoming a victim.

As a suburb - road closure or neighbourhood - managers of the network can send out alerts via sponsored SMS, Twitter or e-mail. News and events can be shared publicly or privately and there is even a bulk mail system to communicate to all members. All the tools needed to manage a community policing forum are provided free of charge.

As a business, companies involved in providing security services can post crime information and receive free exposure as well as the added benefit of informing residents in the area of their activity and involvement via relevant crime information.

Powerful commenting features feed directly into Facebook and Twitter to expand the reach on any of the information being posted. Social media is heavily integrated within the website.

This original website has been custom developed and funded in full by In-Detail Advertising and Design in Johannesburg. The concept has proven to be very successful and it is at the point that sponsorship is now necessary to sustain the growth. The website was launched only a few months ago and currently has around 5,000 active members and almost 300 suburbs or CPF's signed up. Information gathered and distributed has already led to successful arrests.

The sponsorship opportunity will provide almost equal value in terms of advertising exposure which will grow exponentially as the website grows. Sponsorship will provide a much needed boost to speed up development and advertising. As the concept grows, so too will the value back to the sponsor.

The monthly sponsorship value is comparable to the cost of a full page print advert but provides much more value. All the banners positions will be exclusive to the sponsor. In addition, an advertising banner is carried on each notification e-mail. Hundreds of these e-mails are sent out daily to members eagerly awaiting information.

New modules and features are already in development that will explode the reach and effect of the website. A mobile version is nearing completion in the form of a lightweight mobi-site and apps for all smart phone platforms. In-Detail expect the system to expand rapidly once backing is secured.

Companies are encouraged to look at this opportunity to gain exposure while attaining their community social involvement (CSI) goals. Turn It Around logos and branding may also be used by the sponsor in their corporate communication to display their involvement.

If you would like to take advantage of this very unique twelve month sponsorship opportunity - please contact Liz De Sa on (011) 021-3156

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