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02 June 2011 at 13:07 - Posted by Anonymous

Criminals target schools


Two men were spotted on CCTV cameras shorty after they allegedly stole school bags and cellular telephones from school children at Holy Rosary School during a recent hockey tournament.

Following the incident, Holy Rosary School has said that schools in the area might be soft targets for a possible syndicate operating with the same modus operandi in the area.
Marketing manager for Holy Rosary School, Mrs Kenda Knowles, said that two men driving a white Volkswagen City Golf visited the school during a hockey tournament between girls from Benoni High School and Holy Rosary School.
“One of the men was in his 30s with pale skin and freckles while the other man was wearing a blue tracksuit and had a whistle around his neck,” Mrs Knowles said.
“We think the Benoni girls assumed the men were Holy Rosary coaches and the Holy Rosary girls assumed the men were with the Benoni girls,” she added.
Mrs Knowles also said that the men were friendly with the girls and were chatting to them before their game.
“They approached a group of girls and started talking to them about their games before the girls were called onto the field to play. During their game one of the girls noticed something funny and ran off the field to the bags.
“That was when she noticed cellular telephones and bags were missing. She immediately alerted someone and they ran to the gate and saw the men leaving the school,” Mrs Knowles said.
Moments later the men were caught on CCTV leaving the Elma Park boom gate.
Holy Rosary School then sent a note to all the independent schools in the area informing them about the incident.
“We received feedback from four schools saying that the same thing had happened at their schools, also during sports events,” Mrs Knowles said.
She added that Holy Rosary School has taken immediate steps to ensure that the property of the girls at the school and girls visiting the school are safeguarded.
“During school times it is easy to know who comes in and who leaves the school but during sports' activities, especially with visiting schools, it is incredibly difficult,” Mrs Knowles said.
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