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02 November 2011 at 13:58 - Posted by Anonymous



A desperate phone call to my daughter from her best friend (aged 16) for assistance (yet again), as her mothers boyfriend  had  hit her with  a stick  (the last time, she had been slapped across the face with a fly swotter - by the same boyfriend) - led me to jump in my car - and collect her from where she was walking and crying hsyterically in the street.

She asked to be taken to the police station to lay a charge - so off we went.

Surprise surprise - she could not lay a charge, as she is only 16!  to make matters worse, her mother and boyfriend arrived at the police station and now I landed up being the "baddy" - being told by the police themselves, not to interfere with matters other people issues - and that charges were going to be laid against ME - as I was influencing this young girl.

WHAT?  with welts on her body - her shivering in shock - hiding behind me - not wanting to go home, the girl was forced to return home...

So my question is.... why bother trying?  Nothing gets done.....?????????????????

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