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07 December 2010 at 08:36 - Posted by Anonymous

Do you think the New Age newspaper will be unbiased?


The New Age newspaper launches

The recently launched New Age Newspaper hits the streets this week and it promises to be unbiased in its reporting. Although its very strange that this publication is launched with the backer being Atul Gupta, the billionaire businessman.

Yet its very funny how the New Age did not report on his arrest a short while for obstruction of justice. For those of you who never heard the story, Atul Gupta was arrested for refusing the police to search his car. He apparently swore at the police and threatened them that he would have them all fired as he is friends with Bheki Cele. (See IOL article here)

So now this guy is starting a newspaper, his big chinas are leaders in the ANC, and they say this newspaper will not become the mouthpiece of the ANC. Come on, please - this newspaper is just the beginning of the ANCs campaign trail.

Hitler did a great job of controlling the media too. What's next? Plays and TV programmes commissioned by the ANC to brainwash the masses. I though that we had left this crap behind us with the end of Apartheid? It seems that the saying that those you fail to learn from history are forced to repeat it is true.

I guess the same goes for woodworking, Julius.

So the question I ask my fellow South Africans is - Do you think the New Age newspaper will indeed be unbiased, or just another brick in the wall?

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