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16 March 2012 at 12:15 - Posted by Anonymous

E-toll is highway robbery - there is an alternative


Don't get one!

According to the South Africa Petroleum Industry Association (SAPIA) website - they give South Africa Yearbook 2008/2009 as their source - Gauteng used the following in 2009:

Petrol 4,035,021,959 + Diesel 2,288,314,281 = Total 6,323,336,240(6,323,336,240 litres x 16c fuel levy) / 100c per rand = R 1,011,733,798 per year

Even allowing for no usage increase per year, that comes down to R20.23bn in 20 years. If the government is so concerned with economic  development they can add an additional 4c per litre levy, generating an additional R 252,933,449.60c per year and making the levy a nice round 20c per litre.

Given that an average car takes 45 litres of fuel, this amounts to a mere R9 extra per full tank. Even somebody who drives 3000km per month and uses 6 tanks of petrol would only pay R54 extra per month, while normal users would pay around R18 to R27 per month extra. This is in stark contrast to the R550 cap the government is offering.

Also bear in mind that 1/3 of the money collected through tolling won't even go to the roads, but cover the cost of collecting, and that the toll infrastructure cost almost as much as the roads.

This has nothing to do with efficiency or building infrastructure, and everything to do with a few elite people getting very rich. Wake up Gauteng, you're being robbed, DON'T GET AN E-TAG.

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