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20 December 2011 at 09:58 - Posted by sadi24

Falsely Accused


From the 29th March – to present date, Ebrahim Combrinck – falsely accused of a murder - has been held in Pollsmoor Prison.. Please read on for a breakdown of events from 26th March – 14th December 2011.


  • On the 26th of March, my brother, Ebrahim Combrinck, was arrested with five other young males.


  • The five males are alleged gangsters and one of the five was involved in a murder case that happened two weeks prior to the arrest. The murder took place in the area where my 24-year-old brother and mother reside: Tafelsig, Mitchells Plain.


  • We initially assumed he had been arrested for being in possession of marijuana. As we don’t entertain this occasional recreational activity of his, we thought a night in jail would teach him a lesson – so we left him in the Mitchell’s Plain holding cells for the weekend.


  • He was tortured by Detective Burger, as well as some of the detective’s co-workers. They choked Ebrahim until he was unconscious. When he regained consciousness they continued the aggressive harassment, repeatedly asking “did you do the murder?”


  • They also stripped him down and hosed him off. This is wrong on many levels.


  • I contacted the police station the following Monday and was told they’d moved Ebrahim to Harare Police Station in Khayelitsha.


  • I then contacted Harare Police Station and spoke to the detective in charge of the case. He said he’d booked Ebrahim for murder and that they were appearing in court on the Tuesday.


  • Basically, what had happened is, someone had tipped off the Police as to where the suspects were. When the Police arrived, instead of just arresting the suspects, they arrested all who were present. One of which was Ebrahim.


  • I was in such a state of shock and asked: “What right do you have to keep my brother?” The detective replied that they were friends.


  • My mother attended the court case on the Tuesday. None of the arrested was given a chance to speak.


  • They were sent to Pollsmoor Prison, with a second court date scheduled for the 20th April 2011.


  • For three weeks my mother went to the Legal Aid Lawyer, Detective Burg, the Captain and the Prosecutor; no one could give her a direct answer.


  • She is financially, physically and emotionally exhausted.


  • Ebrahim is not a gangster. Nor a murderer. He is a hard-working child and the bread winner for the family.


  • We got the community to draw up letters and petitions and signed them. Ebrahim’s boss even gave a formal statement vouching for his whereabouts on the date of the murder.


  • My mother took the documents to Detective Burg. She asked him why he is mentally destroying Ebrahim and holding him illegally. He simply replied that they’re friends.


  • We live in Tafelsig. We grew up with these boys who turned into gangsters; they chose that life, we didn't. Why classify us or Ebrahim as one of them. He is not.


  • They now have most of the guys that was involved in the murder including the leader of the gang as he was involved in the crime – in custody. There are two that are still walking free in the area.


  • Ebrahim and another three innocentsare currently in Pollsmoor Prison.


  • We loaned money to hire a Lawyer and paid R4000.


  • Where are his human rights? Innocent until proven guilty?!


  • We are emotionally broken as a family; my poor mother is physically ill from this stress.


  • The detective was incredibly rude to her during the court hearing.


  • We have run out of options, and so, in our desperation, seek your help.


  • Ebrahim’s been in Pollsmoor for more than nine months already.


  • The Detective told my mother that he had been inside the house where the suspects were found. This occurred on the 7th June. One of the suspects who was missing (not present at the house), was forgotten about, so the judge postponed the date until the 8th June.


  • On the 8th June when they appeared, they were told that the aforementioned suspect (that “they forgot about”) would now have to speak to his Lawyer.


  • Then the case was postponed till the 13th June.


  • On the 13th June, when Ebrahim appeared in court, the girl who turned state witness asked for her lawyer to be changed, as well as another two suspects.


  • Also, the prosecutor said the addresses had not been checked by the Detective yet…


  • What is going on here!? Who is not doing their job properly? Innocent people are suffering because of a few who are not competent enough to perform their required job functions.


  • The case was postponed until the 27th June.


  • On the 27th June, the case was postponed until 13th July.


  • Then it was postponed until the 14th July.


  • On the 14th was postponed until the 27th July.


  • On the 27th they appeared in court. None of them were given a chance to speak only those with legal aid lawyers. The case was postponed until the 30th September 2011.


  • On the 30th September the case was postponed till 30th October.


  • When he came up in court for questioning the prosecutor only asked him whats his name and does he work, because the detective said he was at the wrong place, wrong time and has nothing against him.


  • After the hearing the detective walked over to my brother and his lawyer to say ‘I don’t have anything against you” so why is he still there????seriously something funny is going on here.


  • In October the case was postponed till the 2nd November. The lawyers were given a time of 12.30pm and when they arrived at 12pm the court started already.


  • So the case was postponed again by the judge until the 12 December.


  • On the 12th December the case was postponed again until the 14th December due to court starting again early.


  • On the 14th December the case was postponed until the 20th Jan 2012 because the judge wasn’t there????????????


  • On three occasions, the main suspects’ mothers confirmed to the Detective that there were three young males in custody that weren’t involved in the murder.


  • Apparently the Detective simply swore at them saying: “Don’t do my job for me.”


  1. How can he say that if his not doing his job properly in the first place?


  1. Up until today they have nothing to say about my brother, we are paying his lawyer Advocate Adrian Samuels and he can’t even fight for my brother. To date we paid him R8 000 to appear every time.



I have been documenting everything that has happened each day since the arrest. A grave injustice has been done committed on many levels. It would be a tragedy - and a dark representation of the current state of the justice system in South Africa - if this collection of events was not addressed with the appropriate level of seriousness and importance.


Thank you for reading this. Please can someone give advise on how to handle this?? 

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