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18 May 2012 at 08:28 - Posted by Anonymous

Family in shock after police shooting


A SOWETO family are reeling in shock after one of them died yesterday at the hands of a policeman who was called for help.

Vincent Peter, 25, diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2004, was allegedly shot and killed by a policeman his family had called for help.

"Vincent used to be violent with us sometimes like breaking windows and chasing us around the house so we would call the police to assist us with taking him to the hospital to get treatment," said Vincent's sister Nomahlubi Peter.

Two policemen arrived on Wednesday this week to take Vincent to hospital but they could not do so because he ran away.

"The policemen arrived in the morning (Wednesday) and we told them that he was sick," Nomahlubi said.

"They tried to arrest him but Vincent struggled with them."

She explained that one of the policemen took out a can of pepper spray and Vincent threw water in the policeman's face as they were in the kitchen at the time.

"Vincent stabbed the policeman in the arm with a knife he found in the kitchen," Nomahlubi said.

She further explained that the second policeman had run out of the kitchen and was standing in the living room.

"When Vincent tried to run away, the second policeman shot him," Nomahlubi said.

He was able to run to a nearby house where he later died. The family have not yet press charges.

Moroka police spokesman Captain Khoza said in a statement that the policeman shot at Vincent because he tried two times to stab his partner.

He added that Vincent had had outstanding cases of assault and malicious damage to property.

Police are still investigating the matter, Khoza said.

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