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12 June 2011 at 11:52 - Posted by Anonymous

Family loses two sons


Sharafat "Havie" Kader (23) in a picture next to the car he was hijacked from. Picture Henk Kruger
Mogammat Irfaan Tofie was shot dead a year ago.
Photo by Leon Muller

A year after one of their sons was shot dead, a Cape Town couple is reeling after another son was bludgeoned to death in a suspected hijacking.

Azaad and Shamielah Kader and their two surviving children, 16-year-old Shaistah and 29-year-old Junaid, are grieving after the murder of Sharafat, 23, who died soon after he was found badly beaten on Tuesday.

The Kaders said Sharafat had gone out on Sunday night to visit friends in Ottery.

Early the next morning, Azaad Kader awoke with a start from a nightmare, dreaming of Sharafat.

“I woke up and told my wife: ‘Sharafat is in trouble’. I then checked the garage and saw his car wasn’t parked (there),” Kader said.

Shamielah Kader phoned Sharafat, who was nicknamed Harvey. He told his mother he had stopped to put in petrol and would “come straight home”.

Mogammat Irfaan Tofie was shot dead a year ago.
Leon Muller
But he never returned.

Later that day, Azaad Kader left work to search for his son. With the help of one of Sharafat’s friends, Kader retraced his son’s steps.

At a block of flats in Ottery, another of Sharafat’s friends confirmed that he had been there the night before and had given a young woman a lift when he left.

Sharafat’s friend told Kader that after he had dropped her off, the woman had phoned the young man and asked him to return urgently as she had left her bag in his car.

When Sharafat returned, the woman had asked for a lift for herself and two male friends.

Kader then went to the woman’s home, where her parents warned him that she was involved with “criminal elements”.

At that point, Kader reported his son missing.

He and the police searched for Sharafat until 5.30am on Tuesday, when Kader went home.

Soon afterwards, he received the phone call that would shatter his family.

“They asked me if I owned a red Toyota with tinted windows… they then told me: ‘Your son has been assaulted’. How could they do this to my child?” Kader asked yesterday from the family’s home in Strandfontein.

Kader said he had been told by police that a witness had seen Sharafat being removed from the boot of a car in Clovelly by three people. Members of the neighbourhood watch had contacted police after the suspects fled.

Three people – a 20-year-old woman and two 21-year-old men – were arrested minutes later. They were found in Sharafat’s red Toyota, which they had crashed into a fence in Cockle Crescent, Clovelly.

Kader said his son had been found nearby, badly beaten and stabbed. “He was still alive but when the ambulance got there, he was gone.”

Provincial police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk confirmed this week’s arrests, saying the three had been charged with murder.

“The circumstances are still under investigation,” he said.

Weeping, Shamielah Kader said that her son was very naive and trusted people easily. He was always generous and loving, she added.

“He couldn’t say ‘No’ and I always told people my son was going to die helping people.”

Her son’s death was a second tragedy for the family: in June last year, they buried their 24-year-old son, Moegamat Irfaan Tofie, after he was shot in the head while fixing a drain in Grassy Park. An arrest was made in connection with his shooting, but police were unable to provide an update or any details.

Sharafat’s siblings said on Thursday they were distraught.

“I’m not doing well at all. I don’t know how to cope with this,” said Junaid.

Kader said he wanted other young people to learn from his family’s tragedy and to always let their parents know where they were.

“I want other children to open up their eyes to see the crime here… they don’t know how traumatic it is when parents don’t know where their child is.” - Cape Argus

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