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07 June 2012 at 20:46 - Posted by Anonymous

Family robbed and locked in stock room


A Campbell's Town family were robbed at gunpoint, before being locked in a stock room

Three armed masked gunmen held up a Campbells Town family in Phoenix, before locking them in a small stock room at the back of the house and fleeing with phones and cash.

The horror ordeal for the Devar family began on Thursday night at about 8pm. Phoenix SAP communications officer, Lieutenant L Naidoo, said, “Three unknown men approached the family with firearms. One pointed a firearm at the husband and removed his gold ring and cellphone, while the other two suspects forced the rest of the family members and the mechanic into the house.”

Devar explained in graphic detail how the gunmen demanded for cash and jewellery and threatened to kill them if they did not comply. “They made us lie down on the floor, and went from person to person, shouting and screaming at us. ‘Where’s the money, where’s the jewellery, where’s the safe? They kept asking us, ‘You think we stupid, we know you have money here. People told us how rich you are.’ One chap held a pillow at my chest and pointed the gun at me. While this was happening, one of them, took my wife into the room, and ordered her to take off her clothes,” said Devar.

A visibly shaken Pam Devar, said, “When he took me into the room, his intentions were to rape and I distracted him by saying, ‘you came here for the money and jewellery, lets look for it’,” said Pam Devar.

“The other man kept saying ‘let me shoot one of them and then the money will come,” said the 18-year-old daughter, Trisha Devar.

During the ordeal, the family’s domestic worker, 49-year-old Virgina Gumede emerged from the scullery, drawing the attention of the robbers to her. “One of them said, let’s kill her and then they will see we are serious,” said Trisha.

After stealing all the cellphones, jewellery and cash from the family, the robbers locked all eight people into a small stock room at the back of the house. After almost half an hour, the maid produced a cellphone. Trisha SMSed two of her brothers who drove to their house, only to see the suspects escape in a silver and black car.

At about that time, a SAP vehicle was transporting the police officers home. The family screamed and shouted and the police officers immediately came to the rescue the family.
Officers at the scene of the crime described how they searched through the house, ensuring that the suspects were no longer on the premises, before releasing the family from the stock room.

Lieutenant Naidoo has confirmed that a case of house robbery is being investigated. No suspects have been arrested.

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