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27 November 2010 at 11:06 - Posted by RichardWilkinson

For every action there is a reaction - let's make ours a positive, constructive one.


Hi everyone -

So Turn It Around is on its way after over a year of work. Please keep your thoughts, ideas and bug reports rolling in - we review every one and respond as quickly as possible. We are now starting our main recruitment drive so we expect numbers to spike over the coming two weeks.

The shocking of the murder of a British tourist last week has left me profoundly moved. Someone in Gugulethu knows something that - if shared with the police - will lead to her killers being taken out of our society forever. They know what happened is fundamentally morally wrong and unjustifiable - every human being does.

That's why we built this site - so that ordinary people can leave anonymous tip offs and the good people of our communities can work together to stamp our authority upon South African society.

We're not there yet - but we have taken our first steps. Every person who joins this site, starts a network, invites their neighbours and starts to take a proactive interest in turning around their little corner of South Africa is adding their piece to the puzzle.

Our ambition is that through cell phones we will be able to empower all South Africans - particularly those in our townships and rural areas who do not have access to computers. In time we want the residents of Gugulethu to have the means to live out the name of their area - "Our Pride" - and build a community that is not only cleansed of the evil that emerged this week but which is fundamentally good.

Starting a network, meeting your local police and working with your neighbours might not be enough to heal the pain that has already been caused by decades of violence in South Africa.

But it is where we start.

It is where we take our next step on our Long Walk to Freedom.

And as South Africans have been discovering for decades - building our communities is where the magic of this beautiful country truly lies

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