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03 November 2011 at 14:01 - Posted by Anonymous

Gone in just 2 minutes


One of five thieves makes his way into the Digicape store after smashing the front door with a crowbar. Another helps himself to iMacs in the stockroom.

These images from CCTV footage show a brazen gang smashing into the Digicape store in the city centre and making off with more than half a million rand’s worth of high-end Apple products within minutes.

The two incidents captured on the footage show the gang making off with their loot in two minutes.
The Roeland Street shop, which mostly sells Apple products, was also broken into last November when products worth R250 000 were stolen.
In the latest incident on Wednesday, the robbers used a crowbar to smash the window at about 2.34am. Five men then set about taking iPads, iMacs, Macbooks and processors, among other equipment, from the shop and stock room.
Footage from the February break-in shows three men prising open the front door at about 4.17am and ransack the store and stockroom.
Digicape is in a complex with several other stores.
Digicape managing director Robin Olivier, who has posted footage of the latest robbery on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, said he was offering a R25 000 reward for information leading to an arrest.
He believed the robbers were a “very slick” syndicate “targeting specific products and specific retailers” in the area.
“Enough is enough,” he said.
“These guys are clued up, they know what they are doing. They knew exactly where to go and what to take.
“It was a well-orchestrated move and they were well informed,” Olivier said.
He said that about five months ago a group of men they later identified as the thieves were clearly seen entering the store during the day, walking around and talking to the staff.
The next night the store was robbed and the same men were on the CCTV footage, said Olivier.
He said that during the February robbery the men had escaped with R280 000 in goods within about four minutes.
However, they had been forced to flee when they were interrupted by a security guard patrolling the complex.
In the first break-in last November, Olivier said the thieves wedged a large screwdriver into the front door and broke the locks before making off with about R250 000 worth of products.
Olivier said of his decision to put the CCTV footage online: “I understand the power of social networking and the difference it can make.”
The footage had also been handed over to the police and the local security company “for scrutiny”.
Olivier said they had received a lot of feedback and responses to the latest incident and were hoping more people would view the footage this time.
“What we want to do is to try to stop this from happening (again),” he said.
Olivier said some people had asked them why the store did not have a gate on its front door. He said they were governed by Apple’s rules which prohibit them erecting a gate on their storefront.
Police had not commented by the time of going to press.
Anyone with information is asked to call 086 010 5155.
To view the CCTV footage of the break-ins go to – Additional Reporting by Murray Williams - Cape Argus
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