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24 August 2011 at 17:08 - Posted by Anonymous

Goodwood man dies in horror attack


A Goodwood man died after he was bludgeoned over the head by a group of men in his garden, while his horrified wife listened to his screams.

Theodore Macdonald’s body was found in his swimming pool. It is unclear whether he was killed by the blows to his head or whether he drowned.

Police say the family’s Townsend Estate home had been robbed earlier this week.

It is unclear whether the men who attacked Macdonald, 41, on Tuesday afternoon were the robbers.

Provincial police spokesman Warrant Officer November Filander said Macdonald’s family had reported the burglary on Monday. They had reported electronics and jewellery stolen, and police had opened a case of housebreaking.

On Tuesday, Macdonald and his wife had stayed at home to replace the locks on their home and fix the damage caused by the robbers.

They had found some of the stolen items in a wheelie bin outside the house, but police could not say whether this was because the thieves had dumped the items and fled, or because they intended to return for them later.

Filander said Macdonald’s wife had told police that at about 2pm on Tuesday, she had heard her husband screaming. She had rushed into the back yard and found her husband in the pool, surrounded by blood.

She had seen two men escaping over the wall, Filander said.

The woman tried to save her husband by pulling him from the pool and her desperate efforts attracted the attention of the couple’s neighbours.

However, Macdonald, who Filander said appeared to have been hit on the head with a blunt object before falling into the pool, had died.

One of the couple’s relatives said they had a son and a daughter, who were not home at the time of the attack.

Devastated friends and relatives gathered outside the house, comforting each other and watching police inspect the scene. The police asked anyone with information to contact Detective Warrant Officer Desmond Czesejko at 021 597 1760.


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