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16 November 2010 at 17:46 - Posted by GeraldY

Halloween 2010 - Trick or Treating


Hi All!

Well done on another great road closure trick or treating afternoon. I can see that this will be a regular event in our road closure and its so good to see everyone out and about. 

A big thank you to the houses who participated - you are awesome!
Pity the rain came down on our parade towards the end - but by then I think most of the kids were sugared out! Sorry we didn't all get to the houses in Bothma Road!

Events like this just show how great our area is and its really nice to get to know some of our neighbours. 

Who's keen to do a great big Easter egg hunt next year? We could hide eggs all along the pavements and do a walk through the suburb.

This Halloween initiative one of many we should be doing - as we do a have a unique suburb here in Bedfordview - and one of the few road closures. This is a great suburb.

Get involved with your area - share your news here on Turn It Around - your comments are welcome!

Here on this website you can post crime reports, get SMS, e-mail or Twitter alerts on what is happening in your area. Please get involved and make this suburb something special. 

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