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13 November 2010 at 02:43 - Posted by Andy@Edenvale

History Of Horwoods Farm


Horwoods Farm Edenvale



The Farm Rietfontein 341 - 5600 morgen in extent was originally awarded to Mr A J Nel by the Government on May 14th 1859.

Over the years it has changed hands several times.

In 1903 the then owner of the portion on which Horwoods Farmhouse is situated, Phillip Amm and sons, sold to Father John de Lacy.

On December 12, 1910, the insolvent estate of J de Lacy was sold to the Master of the Supreme Court of South Africa (TVL Provincial Division) who in turn sold it to the Public Debt Commissioner in 1915.

In 1919 the Public Debt Commissioner sold the farm (Portion 8) to Mr David William Horwood Senior.

On May 16 1943 the Estate of the late David William Horwood Snr bequeathed the farm to his three grandsons, Bernard David Horwood, Brian Turner Horwood and Robert Gordon Horwood.

In 1942 Bernard David Horwood, eldest son of David William Horwood Jnr and grandson of David William Horwood Snr, was killed in a motor cycle accident on Fishers Hill and died instantly. His father paid in his third share into the estate of Bernard David Horwood (deceased).

In 1947 a third share belonging to his son Brian Turner Horwood was bought by his father David William Horwood Jnr and the third son, Robert Gordon Horwood also sold his third share to his father who now effectively, in 1948, had bought out his three sons and became the sole owner of the farm. He bequeathed the farm in his will to his wife Mrs Bertha Mary Horwood.

She inherited the farm in 1951 after the death of her husband and lived there until April 1956 when she sold the farm to the Edenvale Town Council for £18 000. She then bought a house in Edenvale where she lived for some time until her health failed her.

The Horwood family were well-to-do people in England and in the house on Horwoods farm there were some beautiful pieces of antique furniture.

The house was already built and looking old when the Horwoods went to live there in 1916. It is not known in what year the house was built or who built it, but it is thought to have been built in the late 1890's by Mr Phillip Amm when he bought the farm in 1898. He had a large family of ten sons and four daughters. They spent weekends and holidays at the house and often held picnics on the farm.

Information provided by the Ricardo Mulder Community Library - Reference Section






From Farmhouse to Restaurant/National Monument to empty shell

From an article in the Edenvale/Bedfordview News - 20 June 1991

'Edenvale - The town's oldest building, the old Horwood's Farmhouse (built in 1902), is now officially recognised as a national monument by the National Monument's Council.

From a derelict state and uncertain fate, the building is now restored to its former glory, gracing the park which is in its second phase of development.'

'In his address chairman of the Edenvale Museum Society, Mr Richard Rothschild said: "Happily, good sense prevailed and accolades go to the Edenvale Town Council who were enlightened enough to recognise the significance of preserving the building.'

Information provided by the Ricardo Mulder Community Library - Reference Section

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