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07 August 2012 at 14:16 - Posted by Anonymous

House robbers killed in shootings


Durban - Two Overport homeowners this week killed two suspected robbers in the latest home attacks in the area.

An intruder was killed in a house in Rippon Road on Sunday afternoon and the second was gunned down at a house in Moses Kotane (Sparks) Road on Monday.

Police spokesman Captain Thulani Zwane confirmed both incidents.

“Three men entered the home in Rippon Road (on Sunday) and held up the occupants. They demanded money,” he said. One of the victims being held up then drew a gun and began shooting at the suspects.

“One was shot dead, while the other two were still at large. It’s unclear if the other two were injured,” he said.

A gun was recovered from the dead suspect.

On Monday, two robbers targeted the Bux home in Sparks Road.

Zwane said one of the robbers was killed and his accomplice was arrested by police from the Mayville station.


Azeem Bux, who lives next door to his relatives in Sparks Road, reacted swiftly when his cousin telephoned him for help at 9.50am, from the room in which they were being held.

He grabbed his shotgun and called his employees to assist. Bux said he moved to the front of the double-storey house while his employees ran to the side.

His family had been locked in a room upstairs but one of the five, whose hands were bound with wire, managed to free herself and the others.

They were standing on the balcony and watched as Bux fired his shotgun at one of the robbers downstairs.

“I ducked behind the wall and peeped into the house as the door was opened,” Bux said. I saw a man standing with a gun. I ducked again before I fired one shot at him, which I think hit his chest. I them saw him lying on the ground in a pool of blood.”

By this time, he said, the second robber had jumped over the balcony at the back of the house and ran down the back roads.

His employees chased after him, catching him in West Road and then brought him back to the house.

Bux’s cousin, who did not want to be named, said she was upstairs with her mother, father and niece when the two armed men entered the house through the side security gate downstairs.

She suspected it was their domestic worker, whom they had employed only last week, who let the men in.

Her younger niece was downstairs, unaware of what was going on, until she went upstairs.

Bux’s cousin was taken into the bedroom while the others were kept in the lounge. All their hands were bound with wire.

“He told us to keep quiet and that they wouldn’t hurt us and asked me where the money was kept. I told him we didn’t have any money. My older niece was brought into the room and a gun was pointed at her head and he threatened to rape her.”

They were taken back into the lounge where they were all covered with a duvet and the men started ransacking the house.

“Initially our maid’s hands were tied, but when she came into the room I saw that her hands were freed. I managed to free myself but I was caught and bound again.

“The second time I freed myself we were alone and I called my cousin, who lives next door, from the landline in the room.”

She untied everyone and they stood on the balcony at the front of the house and watched as Bux crept below. They also saw their domestic worker run away with a bag.

Essa Bux, 78, was still shaking when he spoke soon after the hour-and-a-half ordeal.

“It’s terrifying when a person puts a gun to your head,” he said, adding that his home was robbed a few years ago, again while they were home.

He said the men kept asking for money and one of them hit him repeatedly on the back of his head.

Last month a robber shot his accomplice in an attempted robbery at a home in Chapel Street, Overport.

All three suspects escaped.

Daily News

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