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23 November 2011 at 11:39 - Posted by Anonymous

iPad foils home burglars


Technology can beat crime...

Holiday-maker in Mauritius had connected an iPad to security web cameras at his home 8,000 kilometres away

An Australian on holiday at a resort in the Indian Ocean territory of Mauritius alerted police after the iPad he rigged up to security web cameras showed two men rifling through belongings inside his suburban Melbourne home 8,000 kilometres away, news reports said Wednesday.
The two were arrested, charged with burglary and theft, and are expected to appear in court in December and January.
The homeowner told the Herald Sun that he bought the three cameras for less than 300 Australian dollars (294 US dollars) three  years ago so he could watch over his home while he was away.
“But I never thought they would come to be used one day,” he told the paper.
Police Constable Bianca Aitken, one of three officers called to the September incident, said it was a novel experience for her.
“You obviously have CCTV footage — which helps — but to actually  get them on an iPad from the other side of the world is a pretty good find, I think,” she said. “I guess he was being cautious with going overseas, but it paid off.”
Police in California probing an armed robbery arrested two suspects by using the “Find My Phone” app on her stolen iPhone to locate the device.
The female victim told officers that a gunman had taken her purse and iPhone, which had the tracking application installed, said Norma Eisenman of the Los Angeles Police Department.
“A local citizen offered his assistance, and allowed the use of his computer, which allowed the officers to track the iPhone to the  vicinity of 11th Street and Ardmore Avenue,” Eisenman said.
Police went to the area, about four miles (6.5 kilometers) from the crime scene, and a short time later saw a man matching the suspect’s description.
“The male was detained, and officers discovered an iPhone in his  pocket,” Eisenman said. “The victim’s cell number was dialed and it  rang,” confirming that the phone was the stolen device.
Jason Topper, 34, was arrested for armed robbery, and the purse and a replica gun were also found after the incident last week.
Officers later arrested a 21-year-old female charged with receiving stolen property.
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