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27 February 2012 at 21:30 - Posted by Anonymous

Looters make off with booze after accident


A truck lost its load of alcohol at Gillooly's interchange earlier this morning.

At about 6.30am this morning, a truck carrying liquor collided with another truck after it was overtaken on the left-hand side as they travelled on the N3 flyover. The truck that collided with the liquor truck carried on driving whilst the liquor truck had damage along the left side of the second trailer. The damage left a trail of alcohol behind it as some of its load fell out.

"There were two occupants in the truck, they are not injured," said metropolitan police officer Ramakatane, who was on the scene.

People on foot nearby as well as construction workers made off with some of the booze and hid their stash behind armco barriers and in the veld. Some of them were caught by metropolitan police officers.

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