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25 September 2011 at 21:17 - Posted by Delmas Valke Neighbourhood Watch

Media Statement Presented by MEC Vusi Shongwe on the Release of Mpumalanga Crime Statistics for 2010/ 2011 Financial Year.


Media Statement
12 September 2011

Mpumalanga Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Thulani Ntobela,
Crime Prevention and Community Police Relations Chief Director Nontsundu Ndonga
SAPS top management
Department’s top management
Members of the media

Two weeks ago during the MEC’s Excellence Awards organized to honour best police stations in the province, I commended the police for safe guarding the people of the province and ensuring that all people are and feel safe and secured.

I did not know that the Minister for Police, Honourable Nathi Mthethwa was going to confirm my statement last Thursday by demonstrating through audited statistics that police have worked very hard to reduce criminality in the province.

It is on that positive note that the Department of Safety, Security and Liaison (DSSL) and the South African Police Service (SAPS) Management in Mpumalanga welcome the Crime Statistics for the financial year 2010/2011 which shows that most of the crime types in various categories have decreased.
Although the numbers are still high because any crime is a concern to us, it is somewhat encouraging that the province is indeed on its way to become one of the safest places in the country.

The continued decline of crime in general could be attributed to among others; increased police visibility that came with the establishment of Tactical Response Team (TRT), community participation in crime prevention, commitment of SAPS management and the existence of political will to clamp down criminality.

We will indeed squeeze crime and criminals to zero if we continue improving on these notable successes.

During 2010/2011 a total 121 493 of serious crime cases were registered in the province and all seven categories of contact crime have shown a decrease. This includes murder, attempted murder, assault with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm, common assault, robbery with aggravating circumstances and common robbery.

Notably, the murder rate has decreased by 17.7%. Attempted murder went down by 33.2 %; robbery with aggravating circumstances and common robbery have decreased by 16.3% and 10.9% respectively.

Other crime types in this category that have not decreased significantly are sexual offences which have only gone down by 3.8 % and it means that more work still needs to be done to intensify the war against this type of crimes as it mainly affects women and children.

Arson has gone down by 29.6% and malicious damage to property has also decreased by 12.5%.

The police, working together with community members have inflicted a dent on property related crimes. Burglary at non residential premises has gone down by 5.8% while burglary at residential properties has decreased by 6.7%.

We have noted that theft out of or from motor vehicles has increased by 3.9% while stock theft has decreased convincingly by 12.9%.

There has been a decrease on the illegal possession of firearms and ammunitions by 12.8%, which means that patrols and other police operations need to be intensified in order to declare all our areas in the province as illegal firearm-free zones. These category of crimes include drug related crimes and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, which are all classified under crimes dependent on police for detection.

Drug related crimes have increased by 55.1 % while incidences of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs have increased by 26.9%. This is an indication that police, and the tip-offs by community members played a significant role in ensuring that people who were involved in these crimes were detected and arrested.

Other serious crimes that included all theft not mentioned elsewhere have increased by 1.3% while commercial crime and shoplifting have decreased by 1.8% and 8.5% respectively.

Cash in transit has decreased significantly by 63.2% in the category of robbery with aggravated circumstances. Also cases of bank robbery has taken a major nose-dive by 80.0%, meaning that there is a major blow on bank robbery. Police should also be commended for the major decreases in crimes forming part of aggravated robbery.

Truck hijacking and carjacking have also decreased by 17.3% and 39.8% respectively. In the same category, robbery at residential premises has decreased by 19.6% while robbery at non residential premises has increased by 13.0%.

The top police precincts that recorded the highest incidences of crime on different aggravated robbery are Witbank (street and business robbery), KaNyamazane (car-jacking and house robbery), and Delmas (truck-jacking).

Alcohol misuse is a major generator for at least 10% of sexual offences. This calls for more action directed at liquor outlets, ensuring that they close at specified time, alcohol is not sold to minors, the owners posses the required documentation and that patrons do not visit the liquor establishments while armed.

As a department, we commend Lieutenant General Thulani Ntobela, his Major Generals and the management of SAPS in ensuring that incidences of crime are brought down in Mpumalanga.

I want to assure the men and women in blue that as long as they are determined to fight crime in the province, they have my support and I will be in the trenches with them raiding taverns, during road blocks and also assisting them to keep Mpumalanga safe and secured.

Thank you

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Updated 23 September 2011
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