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01 April 2011 at 10:05 - Posted by Anonymous

Metro police out to get traffic offenders


Bad news for motorists is that Metro police has an obligation to net the City of Johannesburg at least R30 million a month through traffic fines.

The revelation was made by Metro police director of law enforcement Gerry Gerneke in an exclusive interview. Gerneke pointed out that sometimes it was impossible to achieve that target as a result of thousands of traffic offenders still reluctant to pay their outstanding traffic fines.
He said another obstacle towards achieving this goal is that since motorists had come to terms with roadblocks and their locations, they were adhering to rules of the road much better than before.
Gerneke also mentioned that there were five roadblocks every day in and around Johannesburg.
“The roadblocks are meant to catch traffic fine defaulters. We are aware that some motorists were irritated by these roadblocks as they caused gridlock traffic. We have to do this because some motorists have become serial offenders.
"Failure to stop them will result in soaring road fatalities as some motorists will continue to ignore the speed limits on our roads."
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