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01 November 2010 at 00:04 - Posted by RichardWilkinson

Million Person March Against Crime and Corruption on 27 April - who's keen?


Turnitaround focusses on helpng you make a big difference to the quality of life in little areas. But the real strength of this site lies in its potential to aggregate our efforts on local, provincial and national levels.

We are currently considering organising a Million Person March - to be held annually - on Freedom Day. This will entail each network mobilising its members to gather at demarcated areas in every town and city of the country on 27 April.

Our vision is for a quiet, peaceful moment of rememberance for those whose lives have been affected by crime in the past year. We aim to demonstrate to the ruling party that we are tired of having service delivery diminished by the corruption and self-enrichment of the political elite. The name of each person who has lost their life in the past year will be read out in a way similar to the September 11 remembrance ceremonies occur in the United States.

In later years we hope to hold our headline event on the south lawn of the Union Buildings - but South Africans will be able to create their own events using our map. Major events could be held in each of the football stadiums - from Cape Town Stadium to Moses Mabhida and Soccer City - whilst small events can happen in villages of the Eastern Cape and the dorps of the Karoo.

Why not run your own local event? You could host a gathering at your local school or community hall. You could even have a braai at your house for friends and family. There's no reason why we can't even try fill Trafalger Square in London, or coffee shops in Alaska with South African expatriates. Users will be able to click attend next to whichever event on the map they like.

You don't have to be rich or highly educated or politically connected to turnitaround. All you need is a cell phone, some common sense and a lot of get up and go.

When you connect people to technology you connect people to people.

And when you connect people to people... you connect people to power.

Step by step we can organise and work constructively to Turnitaround.

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