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25 July 2012 at 10:57 - Posted by Anonymous

'Motshekga can't be blamed'


President Jacob Zuma on Tuesday said the Limpopo textbook scandal could not be blamed on Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga alone.

Zuma was being interviewed by Talk Radio 702 presenter Redi Tlhabi.

Some Limpopo learners are still without all necessary textbooks - more than halfway into the academic year.

Tlhabi tackled Zuma on the issue.

"You don't know who's responsible for that. You can't say the minister, who is sitting in Pretoria in the office, is responsible", the president said.

The president also said his government had made education in the country a priority.

He said the problems in Limpopo had their roots in apartheid, under the leadership of former president Hendrik Verwoerd.

"You are dealing with a teacher that comes from the Verwoedian system... his or her attitude towards education still needs to be worked on. 

"We are not dealing with a problem of today; we are solving a problem of centuries [ago]."

Zuma said he did not have opinions on the decisions to release convicted fraudster Schabir Shaik and former National Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi from prison.

Selebi was released medical parole on Friday, following a recommendation from the medical parole advisory board.

He is suffering from end-stage renal disease and undergoes dialysis three times a day. 

It was confirmed on Monday that he was receiving treatment at home, following his release.

Meanwhile, Shaik was released from prison on medical parole in March, 2009. 

His release sparked suggestions he was discharged because of his connections to high-ranked politicians.

Sightings of him playing golf and eating out further aggravated questions of whether or not he was "terminally ill".

Zuma said there were bodies constituted to make those decisions.

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