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09 July 2012 at 10:39 - Posted by Anonymous

Mr President, you're in charge, not white men


I NOTE that you have once again launched an attack on white males, on the basis that the economy is still in their hands. This, you say, represents a continuation of the apartheid era, and must be changed.

I have some bad news for you. The economy isn't in the hands of the whites. It's in YOUR hands. What you meant to say, of course, is that the whites own the businesses, which is another matter entirely. .
However, dispossessing the whites of their businesses is not a solution. It can be done, but, as in the case of farms, the businesses will simply collapse if their new owners do not have the qualifications and work ethic to keep
them running. And then you won't have an economy. Think about that, carefully, Mr President.
You claim that the ANC has built nearly 3 million houses, but you delude yourself. You didn't build them. WE did.
You claim to be providing grants to 15 million people, but you're not. WE are. You are not supporting your wives and children. WE are. You are on a hiding to nothing, Mr President.
You can "redistribute" as much as you like, with or without compensation, but the smartest burglar in the land cannot get into the head of a competent person and steal his ability. So those who you dispossess will simply start again, either here or elsewhere. And if it's elsewhere, you won't be able to get your hands on their money next time round.
What will you do then, Mr President, when there's no one left to take from? Start taxing your own people? I'd love to see you try.
There is only one solution. We must educate our people - by which I mean the poor, who you say you care so much about. We must train them so that they, too, can succeed in the world of business.
We must address the work ethic, and get away from this absurd belief that "There shall be" something, just because the Freedom Charter and the ANC say so.
We must make it possible for people to have faith in themselves, and learn that they can create prosperity for themselves instead of forever seeking it in the form of compensation for past injustices.
I fear that, with the attitudes of you and your party, this simply isn't going to happen. The only black people who are going to be truly successful will be those who can free themselves from the notion that salvation lies in what you can take from somebody else.
And, of course, they will need a decent education, and they're certainly not getting that from you.
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