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11 August 2011 at 11:05 - Posted by RageAgainstANC

My comments on Malemas speech at the Soweto Campus


My PERSONAL response to Malemas speech to Soweto students...

It is nationalisation that will reconcile and unite South Africans, ANC Youth League president Julius Malema said on Thursday  night.

> It probably will cause it will leave everyone poor - except the ANC elite. So we will have a simpler class structure in SA - the poor and the elite, no middle class. I guess thats like no middle man. Clever!

“Everyone has the right to benefit from wealth in South Africa,”  he told residents and students at the University of Johannesburg, Soweto campus.

> Yes everyone does if they work hard, don't commit crime and pay their taxes. I was taught that your should be honest and work hard by my parents who did the same. I have done and now I have a house and employ 7 people. My hard work has brought me success and in turn I have managed to uplift others. Give it a try Malema, but I don't see you as the hard working honest type.

“Since the debate on nationalisation, every rich family has spoken in defence of their property... all of them, they are in Stellenbosch, the Stellenbosch mafia.”

> Well don't forget the Stonemasons and the Knights Templar! Whats the big deal with Stellenbosch? Maybe you find the university there intimidating? I would too if every person there I met could out think or out debate me on ANY topic. Better to avoid that place with those books and such things you can't operate.

Malema believed they had spoken against nationalisation because they stood to lose. He urged students not to believe economists, especially “the three white men” being televised on SABC, as they were “feeding people lies”.

> Hey - aren't you on TV and radio doing that daily? But the three white men I think he is referring to is the three wise men that he saw in the nativity play. Yes Juju, Jesus was the poor kid in the crib and the three wise men were wealthy and brought gifts. But the gifts were not Rolexes or Land Rovers so you don't trust them. I know, I know. Shame.

He referred to the Commission of Employment Equity report released on Wednesday, which said that whites still occupied 73.1 percent of top management positions in the country.

> If that is so - I am pretty sure its cause they are getting the job done right without trying to fill their own pockets. Who gives a shit who is in management as long as they run the company right and create jobs. Should we give you the job with your lack of skills and see it go to crap and everyone loses their jobs. Ah - I see thats where nationalization comes in! No need to work - just sit back get fat eating KFC.

“South Africa is divided as we speak, we got two economies in one country, two nations in one country, and it is nationalisation that will unite us.”   
He said that 10% of the South African population was made up of whites yet they controlled 90% of the wealth.

> And let us not forget Malema - its less than 10% that pays taxes to keep the rest of South Africa working. So who not get 50% of South Africa contributing and the picture will definitely changes. But no, lets just be dumb about it rather. Cause we can't expect you to thing further than that with your failed woodworking degree. It's white, indians, coloreds and blacks contributing to the tax - but its a little worrying that less than 10% carries the whole country, don't you think? Arrrgh - I fell into that one - asking you to think and all.

“We want to resolve this, every generation has a mission. From today, you are the generation of economic freedom fighters.”

> Hey wasn't it you who also said that people should have have as many babies as possible cause its a revolutionary thing? So what you say is have many more children than you can possible support or educate - and keep the cycle of poverty rolling so that the ANC can stay in power until Jesus comes back. Economic freedom starts with education and ends with employment.

Malema said nationalisation would lead to industrialisation and job creation.

> Um, you really are a dumb ass. Loss for words right now.

The Kimberley community would no longer have to be hopeless, even though “the coloniser continues to exploit mineral resources, and failed to build even one university in Kimberley, yet they continue to benefit”.

> But lets rather sell mines to the Chinese and befriend the Chinese. Cause they will take care of you! The Chinese are the worst type of colonizer you could ask for - they take and give nothing back at all! At least the British and Europeans were committed to making it work.

Malema said the discovery of diamonds should have made Kimberley like Johannesburg. He said the mineral wealth must benefit these mining communities. “In fact mines have brought nothing but pain and suffering and illnesses to those communities, and we sit back and allow that to continue.”

Malema said the liberation struggle was not over and that it was the league’s responsibility to campaign for economic freedom. Malema contended that “the enemy” was not ready to surrender economic power, and was threatening its ruling party leaders with civil war.

> So now you say that everyone must take up arms to defend their land - cause you are coming. What happens then when a revolutionary gets a house or a farm - will they then take up arms again when the Eskom bill arrives. You are a dumb ass - the world has evolved - we are no longer monkey living in the trees and we need to evolved with the rest of the world. If you can't - then return to the bush.

With regards to property relations, he said the league was told the constitution did not allow changes. “We can change that constitution. For you to change that constitution you need political willingness from the leadership and  you need courageous leaders.
“We must use parliament to change the conditions of our people.”  

> So you saying that all land should be expropriated without compensation and that no-one should own land. So the banks will collapse, everything will collapse and we should burn our furniture to keep warm. Sorry buddy - but if that happens KFC will close too - did you not think about that?

Speaking on education, the league wanted the government to renovate former black institutions to give black students free quality education.
Government must invest money in black communities because that was where it was needed, he said.

> Black, black, black - we are all South Africans - Poor comes in all colours - if we are to move forward, then you need to get out the way.

Malema told the youth that the struggle for economic emancipation would be difficult terrain but that youth must be trained with the necessary experience and qualifications. He said only the ANC government could deliver that.

> How - in 17 years they have not managed to deliver on that promise - its not likely to change now? Especially with the current leadership.

Malema got the crowd cheering by urging them to reconnect with the 1976 Soweto Uprising generation, which he described as a strong  militant group.   
On the sidelines, Malema took a swipe at former president FW de Klerk, saying he remained an enemy.

> Hang on - is this not the same dude who shares the Nobel Peace Prize with Mandela? Ok - so name a single positive thing you did in your lifetime? And being HIV positive does not count. And funny how today De Klerk is not a wealthy man with many mansions and 10 wives. He still works for a living although he should be retired. When Zuma leaves he will have banks accounts with ABSA packed with billions and mansions in every province, while he drives his Mercedes to find new wives. Such is the African dictator, in it for himself. Heita Mugabe!

He appealed to youngsters to remove the pictures of entertainment celebrities from their bedroom walls and replace them with pictures of local freedom fighters.

> The struggle is over - you missed it buddy. The world has changed. We want change through peaceful means and by following inspirational leaders with positive ideas that will bring people together no matter the colour. And that is not you. Please take your millions that you have gained through corrupt tenders and build yourself a mansion and lock yourself in there. The real people of SA will make it happen. We don't want you.

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