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07 April 2011 at 12:54 - Posted by Anonymous

My hell ride on dead man’s lap


The bullet-riddled Toyota Fortuner. Photo: Patrick Mtolo

A woman has explained in terrifying detail how she escaped killer hijackers.

On Monday, the 35-year-old passenger escaped a deadly attack by climbing on top of the dead driver and speeding off in his 4x4.

The driver of the Toyota Fortuner, Siphe Ngodi, 22, was shot dead at an intersection in Khayelitsha during an attempted hijacking.

The traumatised woman does not want to be named out of fear for her life.

The woman says she, Siphe and two others were on their way home to Kraaifontein from Khayelitsha.

While they were waiting for the traffic lights to change, two men approached the vehicle.

“They started begging for money but we just ignored them,” the woman says.

“They then started fiddling with the doors and banging on the windows.”

As the robot turned green, one of the men shot Siphe in the head through the closed window.

“A man was standing at the driver’s window and as we tried to pull away, the gun went off,” she says.

Despite her state of shock, the woman’s survival instincts kicked in.

“My first thought was to jump over to the driver’s seat and take control of the steering wheel,” she says.

“My thighs were resting on Siphe’s thighs, and my hands were on the steering wheel, but I struggled to get his feet off the pedals.

“His feet were on the accelerator and the clutch.

“I had to bend over to remove his feet from the pedals so I could put my feet there.

“I switched the hazards on because I knew there was no way I could stop at any robot.

“It felt very uncomfortable sitting on a dead man, it felt like I was squeezing him.”

The brave woman says she didn’t know where she was driving to but her aim was to get to Bellville for help.

“I ended up getting on Modderdam Road and got help from Ravensmead police,” she says.

“There was blood on my shirt, handbag and jeans.”

The woman is receiving trauma counselling.

Police say the suspects are still at large. - Daily Voice

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