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27 January 2012 at 15:48 - Posted by GeraldY

New Features added to Networks and Individual Profiles


NETWORKS - We have added in the feature for you to load Network BroadCast Members

These are people in your area that you can simply add to your network to keep them informed via e-mail or free SMS. All you need is their name and a cell phone number and e-mail address.

You can even add them if you only have their mobile number or e-mai. As sometimes you only have the one.

To add them - simply log-in - click on your network and go to:
Your Network > Manage Network > Broadcast Members

You can add in as many members as you like.

Now you can get everyone in your area involved without them needing to sign up as a full member through the website.

If they do join Turn It Around through the normal member sign-up - they will be automatically added back to the Network they were on as a BroadCast Member.


INDIVIDUAL PROFILES - Add in extra people from your home.

Now other members of your family can stay informed of the crime around them without needing to sign up themselves.

You can add in extra cell phone numbers to your profile - and any free SMS alerts your receive through the Networks you are a member of - they will receive as well.

Login now and add in the other members of the family.



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