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17 November 2011 at 15:31 - Posted by Anonymous

Officer braves bees to save baby


One-year-old Aldieno is safely cradled by his hero Warrant Officer Johan Fourie from the Boksburg Mounted Police Unit, who saved the toddler from a swarm of bees. Photo: Antoine de Ras

When a Boksburg policeman found a baby being attacked by bees, all he could see of the child was his mouth.

Warrant Officer Johan Fourie and two other mounted officers were patrolling when they saw people waving and shouting next to a piece of veld on Rondebult Road. They told Fourie and his colleagues there was a baby, alone in the veld, being stung by bees.

The mother, Camanthia Watson, was watching, horrified, from the sidelines and her boyfriend, Reagan Jacobs, had passed out after being stung.

The couple were taking a short cut through the veld when they, Watson’s daughter and one-year-old baby Aldieno Captieux, were attacked by the swarm.

“When I was 5m away from the stroller I saw the child slumped over,” said Fourie. “I could only see his mouth through the bees. He was making little noises.”

The bees began stinging Fourie as he tried to remove the child from the pram. They stung him on the eyes and he couldn’t see what he was doing, so he picked up the pram and ran with it. But he tripped over a pile of stones and began rolling on the ground – trying to get the bees off his body.

Jacobs then regained consciousness and returned to Aldieno, still strapped into his pram. He took off his shirt and used it to hit the bees. He managed to remove him from his pram. “(Aldieno) couldn’t even cry because of the pain,” said Watson.

The police drove the family and Fourie to OR Tambo Memorial Hospital, where they were treated. Both Aldieno and Fourie stayed overnight.

“Sometimes there is no time to think, you must react now,” said Fourie in response to comments on his bravery.

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