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05 October 2012 at 23:46 - Posted by Anonymous

Paedophile Roams free


Mosselbay isn’t as safe as one might think. Leo Shortt, a convicted paedophile roams free within camping grounds and family homes. This man targeted members of his own family, but the officials didn’t believe his actions were severe enough to punish him; instead he is left to continue without as much as a slap on the wrist. Mr Shortt molested and sexually abused two young sisters for over 10 years. The type of behaviour this man conveyed was that of a sexual predator. He chose to target young girls (2years old to 12years old) that could easily be controlled or scared into submission. He would groom the victims by prompting sexual discussions or using props to make the children “play games” with sexual acts then would continue onto more disturbing molestation and sexual abuse. The young children were threatened not to say anything and he was a trusted member of the family so no one thought twice when he would spend private time with the girls. When the youngest girl was fourteen and discovered she was not the only victim, she told her parents what her grandfather had been doing. When the court case followed, the two girls were approached by child protection workers and urged to tell their story. During this time they were too young and frightened to tell the full story, too fragile to relive the accounts in front of strangers. So when Leo Shortt was charged the information given was not enough and he was left with a warning to ‘behave’ for the following four years. Scared for their safety and having no faith in the system the young family decided to leave South Africa, so they would not risk the terrors of coming across the offender again – the man that had ruined and stolen the innocence of two young children. After the court case it was discovered that his granddaughters were not the only victims. This was not an isolated case. On a previous occasion he had molested his soon to be daughter in law. Case by case different family members and close friends would come forward with their secrets they had been suffering over thinking they were the only ones – their children and loved ones that had fallen victim to this man’s sick obsession for over 60 years. I wrote this hoping that we might expose him so that he is too ashamed to leave his home, too scared to touch another child again. Leo would sit at the dinner table with family staring at the young girls with a cruel and smug smile knowing that he was getting away with his abuse. If you have children or grandchildren, protect them. Don’t let this man lay a hand on them.
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