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31 October 2011 at 20:08 - Posted by Anonymous

Panic as thieves poison barking dogs


Sector chairman Margaret van Zwieten has warned that a spike in animal poisoning is usually followed by a spate of housebreaking.

"There have been three incidents in the last week. Criminals mix poison with food and throw it over the wall of the chosen residence,"  she said.
"If you suspect that you have been a victim of such a crime; your dog gets sick, or displays signs of discomfort, take him to the vet immediately."
This follows an incident in which three dogs were poisoned during an attempted house break-in on Platina Street in Jukskei Park.
Criminals strike
Rosemary Roth alleged her dogs were poisoned by people who wanted to gain access to the property.
She said her husband Eugene had heard their dogs barking at about 1am on 14 October. When he stood outside on their deck, he heard people trying to get into the property and shouted at them. The suspects ran away.
Roth said she always locked the dogs away at night and let them out at 6am. 
Later on, she received a phone call from her domestic worker who said one of the dogs had died of poisoning and the other two were missing.
Roth and her family rushed home to look for the dogs, who were found and taken to the Olivedale Veterinary Clinic. They have since recovered.
“I don’t know what we can do,” said Roth. “I can’t keep my dogs locked away.”
Ward 115 councillor Susan Mottram said, “It is heartbreaking when these animals are poisoned - they die an excruciating death. How hard do you have to be to inflict that kind of pain on any living creature?”
Safety tips
  • Ensure your alarm is in working order.
  • Set your alarm when you are not home and arm zones of the house that are not in use when you are home.
  • Trim trees or bushes that could be used by criminals to climb over your gate, wall or fence.
  • Check your perimeter security has not been tampered with and ensure any damage is repaired immediately. 
  • Encourage your domestic workers to be on the look-out for any suspicious individuals.
  • Be vigilant and do not hesitate to contact the Sector 6 vehicles or your security company.
Sector 6 vehicles contact details: 071-675-7165 or 071-675-7166 
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