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09 July 2012 at 22:53 - Posted by Anonymous

Parys unpaid citizen-volunteers now patrol streets each night to help SAPS keep town safe


PARYS CITIZENS NOW MUST PATROL THE STREETS EVERY NIGHT WITH UNPAID VOLUNTEER-CITIZEN PATROLS TO HELP POLICE KEEP THE FREE STATE TOWN SAFE - July 5 2012 - The SAPS in Parys, Free State expressed serious concerns about the wave of crimes targetting private homes and businesses in the CBD: since April 1 up to July 1 2012 there were 37 breakins in private homes in Parys and 20 breakins in businesses and eight vehicles were stolen. The SAPS said since they started coordinating the volunteer neighbourhood-watch patrols in the OUDEWERFPARK region, the crimes have dropped and it was decided on Monday-night that citizen-patrols would also be undertaken throughout the entire Parys region from 6pm to 6am. Private citizens are asked to 'be the eyes and ears of the police to beat the crime-wave. People are urged to report any suspected people to the police station at 076-683-4544 and alert your local community watch. Source: Parys Gazette July 5 2012. 

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